For Asheville City Council in 2013

sandhill“Weeds in Asheville are like snow in’s our responsibility to deal with them.”

- Our Streets

overgrown-asheville“Traffic safety, public safety, community cohesiveness, and beautification of public space can all be improved with a simple plan for roadway organization.”

- Safety..

Elect Jonathan Wainscott for Asheville City Council

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“The primary function of the City of Asheville’s City Council is to direct City staff with regards to its delivery of goods and services to the residents of our town.

The City is budget crafted by the Finance Department and approved by vote of Council. Council also serves by election from the registered voters in the community and is charged with bringing the concerns of the citizens to consideration of the implementation of City services.”

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“I look forward to bringing a creative perspective and practical solutions to the citizens of Asheville by my election to City Council.”

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